Discovering the wealth of insights in your data.

TROVE delivers one-of-a-kind data-powered predictive science. By fusing your data with our dynamic and powerful sources of data, then applying the absolute standard in predictive science, our relentless curiosity and attention to detail pay off for our partners in startling predictive insights and the ability to scale them.

  • Demand Side Management: Forecast event performance and operational effectiveness, and measure performance to plan.
  • Revenue Protection: Identify specific revenue recovery opportunities resulting from energy theft, broken equipment, or billing issues.
  • Energy Efficiency: Maximize the value of your marketing budget and find the best candidates for your EE program.
  • Customer Segmentation: Take the human bias out of profiling and let your data do the talking.
  • Load Forecasting: Improve your balance sheet and market position with high precision real-time, pre-schedule, and term load forecasts.
  • Program Design: Data-driven scoring and recommendations for new product or service reviews.