The TROVE Difference

Like other industries, utility companies today are faced with the challenge of extracting value from a rapidly growing reservoir of data. The next generation of business intelligence is predictive data science.TROVEs mission is to enable you to apply predictive data science to increase the value of your data..

TROVE’s team of expert data scientists will help define the desired outcomes for your imperatives, stand-up your predictive data science program, and then stand behind you with TROVE’s easy-to-use, machine-learning software, 2,000 attributes on every utility customer nationwide, and a plug-and-play software platform that integrates with any enterprise data environment—cloud or on-premise.

Whether your company’s data journey starts with harnessing meter data to forecast individual customer loads, predicting individual customer propensity to enroll in a program, or predicting avoidable bill inquires and preempting them with low-cost interventions…TROVE will help stand you up and stand behind you to deliver real value from your data.