What we do

TROVE, a software company specializing in data science applications for the utility and other commercial industries, delivers one-of-a-kind data-powered predictive science creating undiscovered insights and value.

TROVE reduces the guesswork in your most difficult business decision – through a powerful combination of your data with enriched third party data and our exceptional predictive data science expertise. TROVE implements a data platform and industry-specific applications to constantly improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your future-facing decisions.

By fusing your data with our dynamic and powerful sources of data, then applying the absolute standard in predictive science, our relentless curiosity and attention to detail pay off for our partners in startling predictive insights and the ability to scale them. We merge our unparalleled behavioral science expertise, proven data analytics, and unique data sets to create undiscovered value, predicting fresh insights into activity and new ROI value in unexpected places. 


Making Data Useful: The TROVE Platform fact sheet