Where’s the Sauce? Making Sure Your Predictive Data Science Capability Stacks Up

By Adam Stotz, Chief Technology Officer, TROVE Predictive Data Science, Inc. Published on May 17, 2017 John Hermann’s New York Times article on “the stack” has us buzzing here at TROVE. In it, he tracks the term’s ascendancy, like many tech phrases before it, from the world of IT into the wider popular vernacular. “The […]

Trove CTO Adam Stotz on why “predictive analytics” is a blossoming field

Almost every large organization these days has a sophisticated IT ecosystem, capable of creating and storing vast amounts of data. But putting that data to use is a different endeavor – and it’s the core innovation for Cheektowaga-based Trove Predictive Data Systems, a startup spun out of CUBRC. Trove, which raised $11 million in growth- […]

Making Data Useful: It Takes a Platform

By Isaias Sudit, Founder, TROVE Predictive Data Science, Inc. Published on April 4, 2017 A funny thing happened on the way to Big Data. Our ability to amass and store it has far exceeded our ability to use it. You know the story. Internet connectivity, the digitization of everything, the increasing number of customer touchpoints, […]

Grid Edge World Forum 2016: Predictive Analytics Panel

Software and analytics is a big part of the evolution of great infrastructure in addition to behind the meter assets. This session looks at a lot of the topics around predictive analytics, with experts Rick Kubin, Principal Technology Architect for Data Management & Analytics, PGE,  Adam Stotz, CTO, TROVE Predictive Data Science, and Siddhartha Sachdeva, Founder & […]

Opportunities tied to predictive analytics, grid situational awareness are detailed

From the June 24, 2016 issue of Public Power Daily Originally published June 23, 2016 Technology and utility executives on June 22 detailed how analytic approaches utilized in non-energy arenas can be applied to the power sector and discussed how utilities can take a more “surgical” approach when it comes to their situational awareness of […]

Cheektowaga big data startup closes $11 million venture capital round

Trove Predictive Data Science closed out an $11 million round of equity financing recently to fuel both technological development and sales growth. The CUBRC spin-off has team members around the country but is headquartered on Genesee Street in Cheektowaga. The company has developed a platform that can analyze massive amounts of data from a wide […]