TROVE Raises the Bar with New Data Science Platform—Sunstone 2.0

TROVE Predictive Data Science announces the release of Sunstone 2.0, its next generation predictive data analytics platform. TROVE enhanced the scale, speed, security and flexibility of its powerful machine-learning data analytics platform packaged with a rich consumer-demographic and business-firmographic data set. Sunstone 2.0 further positions TROVE as an industry leader enabling companies to fast-track their predictive data science capabilities and monetize IT investments and data.

“We are excited about reaching this key milestone to provide data-rich industries, like utilities, with a cost-effective solution to enhance their data science capabilities to deliver real business value”, said TROVE CEO Ted Schultz. “What sets Sunstone 2.0 apart is how we have packaged powerful machine-learning algorithms with an IoT grade data analytics platform and multi-source, analytics-ready 3rd party data.”

Sunstone simplifies the business case for predictive data science by overcoming thorny issues that in the past have challenged the efforts of organizations to extract value from enterprise data streams:

  • Better Data: Thousands of consumer and business attributes—from multiple sources to ensure accuracy—come bundled with the Sunstone platform, providing a rich view of the end-customer. Sunstone obtains, cleans and updates this data regularly, and appends it to customer data during model execution, offsetting vexing time lags, execution complexity and high data-procurement costs.
  • Deployment Flexibility: Sunstone is a standards-based open platform that can be hosted in the cloud, or deployed in an on-premise data center environment.
  • Ability to integrate with CIS and Billing systems: Most companies already have large IT infrastructure and IoT operational assets. Sunstone’s “micro-service” architecture consists of a suite of functional services that integrate with existing IT infrastructure using standard messaging or REST protocols, “filling the gaps” to complete a robust computing environment for predictive data science.
  • Empowered Analysts: Sunstone’s user interfaces provide the tools that quantitative analysts need to develop high-value, predictive analytics skills. With Sunstone, clients can create their own, custom predictive models using Sunstone’s UI, and deploy them on Sunstone for runtime. Clients can also modify existing models with custom extensions. Sunstone leverages the latest technologies like Apache Spark and Cassandra (amongst others) to provide a customizable and flexible platform for client data analyst teams.
  • Security: Sunstone 2.0 was engineered to meet or exceed the software security standards required by leading global enterprises across industries. For utilities, this means NIST compliant security standards with complete auditability of data changes and access logs. No Sunstone data or API can be used without a valid certificate of authenticity, and permissions-based authorization is enforced for all functions within Sunstone.

“The ability to scale sophisticated behavioral forecasting models to millions of individual customers in real-time, and to do that with precision, is a game changer for utilities and many other industries”, said Adam Stotz, TROVE CTO.  “When combined with our consumer and business data, companies can predict and shape individual behaviors to more effectively market product offerings and have situational awareness of their distribution network from the system level right down to individual service delivery points. It’s time to get proactive with customer engagement and network operations with this kind of surgical intelligence.”

Sunstone is engineered to maximize flexibility, apply state-of-the-art security and minimize cost. TROVE VP of Product Saurabh Saxena: “Sunstone 2.0 is built to be extensible from the ground-up, at every layer of the stack. Low-level data APIs from the large-volume Big Data store or the relational store, having customized statistics and metrics and ability to plug models upon models upon models. Sunstone provides a UI-driven way to run predictive models, optimizing usage of runtime resources and making it easier to adopt Sunstone into cloud or on-premise data center environments.”

TROVE’s Sunstone 2.0 platform, supplemented with TROVE’s expert data scientists, enables today’s utilities to realize the business value currently hidden in their operational data. In this way TROVE’s mission is to enable the journey beyond traditional, reactive analytics, toward truly proactive business intelligence—enabling companies to stop guessing and make business decisions with confidence.

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