Platform and Application

The TROVE Platform is an enterprise analytics platform specifically tuned for Predictive Data Science applications like the examples referenced above. The TROVE Platform comes out-of-the-box with vast numbers of pre-built analytical algorithms, reporting tools, and dashboards for less technical users, as well as an Open API providing rich data access for the do-it-yourself (DIY) analyst or 3rd party developer. To unlock the full potential of our customer’s data, the TROVE Platform is predicated upon a robust and proprietary Data Fusion Framework; cleansing and enriching internal customer data with external 3rd party consumer data. The Platform analytical foundation is built horizontally and scales out to multiple data sources of high Variety, Volume, Velocity, and Veracity. The nature and scope of pre-configured capabilities vary, as does the ability to customize and extend these solutions. Pre-built solutions can translate into quicker deployment times at a lower cost, and enable our customers and partners to take advantage of already proven functionality and use cases specific to their industry.